Sunday, August 17, 2008

What we do EVERY day....

Play Lego Indiana Jones on the Xbox 360. Every morning I get the same question, "Can we play Indian Jones? Please!" And every morning is the same answer, "If you don't argue with me before school you can play when you get home." As soon as I pick up the little monkeys from school I get bombarded with the question again. They come home put their backpacks down and on goes the TV. They are quiet for a good 45 min while they play one level. Once that level is over I get the other favorite question, "Can we play another level? Please!" And my answer every time, "After lunch you may play one more level." Which I get resounding cheers too.

Jacob has gotten pretty good at playing and I only hear Hunter's exasperated "Jaaaaaaaacob" every now and then. I look at it as good brother bonding and time for me to catch up on my Google reader get more things done around the house!

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Stimey said...

I highly recommend Kung Fu Panda for the Xbox. Maybe we'll check out the Lego games.