Friday, March 28, 2008

Special time with G.G.

Hunter and Jacob are very lucky to have 6 grandparents and 2 great-grandmas to spend time with and spoil them silly. Today we got to have a wonderful day with G.G. at The Farm at South Mountain. We had a yummy lunch outside on some picnic tables under pecan trees, while getting scorched from the sun (I forgot sunscreen! ouch!). The boys ran around finding pecans on the ground while G.G. and I finished eating and then we got to explore.

G.G. was full of information about the pecans and the boys loved asking her all sorts of questions. We got to see chickens, lots of vegetables growing, and tons of local artists. The boys each got a carrot fresh from the ground and a bag full of pecans.

On our walk back to the car there was a farmer picking weeds. G.G. tried to speak Spanish to him to ask if the boys could help him. I don't know if he didn't understand or what but she told the boys to go on down and help him! They got to pick weeds between the vegetables and even picked a baby carrot.

After a full day in the sun, we took G.G. home. Hunter and Jacob had to get out to see Purl (G.G.'s dog) and her birds. They got to run around her house and help her fill her bird feeders. Trying to get them to leave was pretty hard.

No one fell asleep on the way home despite being super tired, but thankfully they were both quiet.

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First swimming of the season!

Ok yes I know it's only March, but we live in Arizona! We've had such nice weather the past couple of weeks that the mid-80s is starting to feel hot. We went swimming at the pool at Lifetime Fitness where it's somewhat heated. I have no clue who in their right mind thinks that that pool is heated. The kids didn't seem to think it was cold and all. They went right in with no problem. Me on the other hand could barely walk in to my was pretty chilly!

Jacob and his best friend, Owi
Check out Jacob's death grip on Simone's arm. He wasn't a fan of going in the deeper water.
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Sunday, March 16, 2008

We have a new addition

No you didn't miss me being pregnant. I am watching a little baby girl once a week. Her name is Lakyn and she's about 3 months old. She is the most precious thing ever and is such a good baby, well except for when she screamed the whole way home from the park. She has definitely cured my baby fever for now since I can give her back when she gets cranky.
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My motto is....

Always keep a potty in your car for those emergencies!
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How many kids fit in a box???

4 and there's room for more!
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Soccer Star in the making

Last month Jacob and his best friend Owen got to do soccer once a week with Kicks for Kids. The boys had a great time and it wore both of them out.

Pretty sure that they are playing freeze dance here.
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Easter Bunny came early!!

We (ok me mostly) are fully believers in celebrating holidays as long as possible. So to start of the Easter season (if that is such a thing) we went to my cousin Nicole's house for a photo op with the Easter Bunny. Hunter loved him and was so ready to say hi, give hugs, and high fives. Jacob on the other hand not so much...that boy clung to me with all his might. When we even went a step closer to the Easter Bunny his grip would tighten. Thankfully by the time it was our turn for pictures Jacob had overcome some of his fear. We tried to get a picture with the just the boys but as soon as the Easter Bunny tried to put his arm around Jacob, Jacob had sprinted out of the chair. Their was also an Easter egg hunt (the first one of many) and lots of playing outside.

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