Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How can you not love this cute face?!

Sometimes we can overlook the naughty things she's done....


Hunter has a really small mouth and is going to need some serious dental work in the future (my wallet is already cringing!). We started the process last week by having half of his lower teeth removed. I was concerned about how his 1 and only grown up tooth was growing in crooked and behind one of his baby teeth. I took him in to see the awesome Dr. Kelly and she said that he will need to have 5 (FIVE!) teeth removed to make room for his grown up teeth.

He went in 2 days later and had from canine to canine removed. He did so amazingly awesome during the procedure. You can see from the picture his souvenirs.

The 2 on the left are his canines that usually don't fall out until you're 9. Do you see how long those roots are?! Holy smokes!! The next 2 are his incisors. And that little bitty tooth was his loose tooth that he could have pulled out by himself but the punk chickened out. Taking that tooth out cost us $15!

Here he is about a week later (he told me that he didn't like his smile is this picture). You can thank me for waiting to take this picture to let his gums heal a little. Let me tell you it wasn't a pretty sight last week. He can eat pretty much anything as long as he can break it into bite size pieces. Hunter has said that he misses his old teeth. I think that he just missing being able to bite into things.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

That is SO not a game!

Let's file this one under, "things I never thought I'd have to say." The other night the boys were in the shower and I over heard Hunter talking to Jacob.

H: Let's play a game called milk the cow!
J: O.K.!!
H: First you take the water bottle and then your....
Me: NO!!! We are NOT playing milk the cow!!

Seriously I am amazed at what those 2 boys can come up with sometimes.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet Buddha

About 5 weeks ago, we adopted a puppy (!). I think we must have been slipped some sort of drug in our coffee that morning, because seriously what were we thinking?! She looked so calm amongst all of the other dogs going ape shit outside of Petsmart that day. Buddha is about 15 weeks old now. She is supposed to be a lab/retriever mix and I'm sure is going to be a big dog.

Ok so she is really cute and that is pretty much the only reason she is still has a home right now. She overall is a good puppy. She's is smart and can now sit, lay down, and sometimes stay. She also is a biter and I have so far lost a pair of flip flops and have holes in a pair of shorts thanks to her razor sharp teeth.

She loves to play and *cross our fingers* is housebroken except for the occasional accident when we're not paying attention. Jacob is terrified of her and sadly I don't' think that is going to change. Whenever she charges at him he freaks out and nothing you can say will get him to get over his fear.

Hunter loves her and is good with her, even when she bites him. Buddha has this knack for turning her head at just the right moment and chomping down on your ankle, calf, shoulder, whatever is in her reach.

Let's hope she moves out of her biting phase quickly or she might not look so cute to me anymore!

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A lost tooth!

Hunter lost his first tooth yesterday!! It has been ridiculously wiggly for a few weeks now but he said it hurt when he tried to pull it out. Yesterday while I was in the shower (yup, same shower when Jacob was bugging me) it "fell" out.

Jacob said that he was stuffing a ball in Hunter's mouth (don't ask, I don't!) and his tooth popped out. Hunter was cracking up and he said that his tooth fell on the couch but he picked it up.

He was so excited for the tooth fairy to come last night but sadly she was a no-show. This morning he asked it if was because he was bad, and after a split second thought I told him that I didn't know but he better be on his best behavior today. I have a feeling the tooth fairy was really busy last night and just couldn't make it out to the west valley. I totally get it, we live far. Hopefully tonight she's on our side of town.
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Spelling Lesson

The back story: We have a gate up at our bedroom door so our new puppy, Buddha, doesn't go in and terrorize the cats or eat their poop (I know!). So now the boys have to be lifted over every time they want to come in to play video games.

The setting: I'm in the shower and the boys are watching TV/playing out in the family room.

Jacob: MOM! How sodifdskhkjreui?

Me: WHAT? I can't hear you!

Jacob: MOM! How lskjfaslkjghio (and then something that sounded like clothes)?

Me: Jacob! I CANNOT hear you! Can this wait until I'm out of the shower??

*This goes on back and forth a few more times with me even suggesting he jump the gate to come talk to me. I figure it's got to be important so I turn the water off to be able to hear him.

Me (freezing in the shower): Ok Jacob what do you need?

Jacob: How do you spell the word close?

Me (OMG are you serious?!): *sigh* Umm, like the clothes you wear or when you close a door?

Jacob: When you like slam a door.

Me: Ok, "c"

Jacob: Oh I had a k!

Me: "l"

Jacob: Upper or lower case?

Me: All lower case dude.

Jacob: So like a straight line down or a line down and across?

Me (still freezing in the shower): straight line down.

*continue this conversation for the rest of the spelling of the word. I'm so glad that this couldn't have waited until I was out of the shower. And I never saw what he wrote down so I have NO clue why he needed to know how to spell that word.
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Monday, May 31, 2010

Idle threats? Not here!

I was working really hard the other day cleaning the outside of the patio windows. I have pictures to prove this too! I will wait while you stop laughing.

Well the 2 monkeys decided that they'd be funny and splash water on my nice clean windows. I told them if they did it again I'd throw them in the pool, clothes and all. Punks didn't believe me and sure enough they both ended up in the pool.

It wasn't very warm yet either...even better!

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