Sunday, June 29, 2008

Little Fish

We went to my dad's house for swimming and belated birthday celebrations. The boys loved jumping off the diving board over and over again. Both kids were super swimmers and rarely needed any assistance from us. Jacob was able to jump off the diving board and swim to the side with no help. Hunter swam pretty much wherever he wanted and tried to drag Jacob with him.

showing off for the camera

His Kung Fu Panda move
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I am not taking a nap!!

Hunter kept telling us how he wasn't going to rest or nap yesterday. He sure proved us wrong!
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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Father's Day 2008

We had a very nice day last weekend. After a nice and lazy morning, we trekked on over to Ryan's parent's house for lunch, swimming, and dinner. We all got excellent naps and the boys were completely exhausted by the end of the day after swimming 3 times.

I didn't bring my camera (I know, bad mom!) but my in laws were good about taking pictures, so head on over to their blog to see what we were up to.

It's about time!

We finally have a children's museum in Phoenix! We went with Nicole and her 2 kids on opening weekend and had a blast. I think my favorite exhibit was the noodle forest....just TONS of pool noodles hanging from the ceiling and you can go back and forth getting lost in there. If you ask the kids it would be seeing Spot, the Target dog. Every time they saw the silly thing all 3 boys had to run up and hug him.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our camping adventure

And yes that would be in our backyard. We have a hard time finding when Ryan and I can take off work to go somewhere for the weekend so we decided to camp in our backyard. Each kid had something that they wanted to see happen for our camping "trip." Hunter wanted to use the big tent and Jacob wanted to roast marshmallows.

We got everything ready while the sun was up. I managed to put up the monstrosity of a tent all by myself! The boys were so excited. We had hot dogs on the patio for dinner and then proceeded to roast marshmallows. They love the roasting part but don't really want to eat the roasted marshmallows. After that we got flashlights and read A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee. I was the chosen one who got to sleep with the boys since Ryan injured his shoulder playing Wii throwing the kids in the pool. The boys and I snuggled down for a hopefully peaceful night under the stars.

There was some talking but both boys were exhausted. Once they finally calmed down they were out for the count...thank you to the powers that be!! I only woke up a few times due to being chilly and once when Hunter wanted to come next to me but overall I slept ok. Of course the boys slept great and amazingly they weren't up at 5:30 when the sun gets up. We all slept until 7:00!! Besides a sore back the trip went exceptionally well.
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Our new pool!

Well we've finally upgraded our swimming situation. After a couple of days of car hopping we had enough extra cash to get this monstrosity. It's big and deep enough for the boys to swim underwater. I haven't figured out if their favorite part is playing slip and slide while it's being filled up or actually swimming when it's full.

I got in to swim with the boys and we had races back and forth. They didn't catch on that I just had to stretch out to win. :)
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