Saturday, April 28, 2007

I think it's time for an upgrade

In spite of the boys being a little sicky yesterday, we got them a little play pool for the yard. Well I think it's time that we upgrade to a bigger one. This is the same size as we got last year (at least I think so) and they look silly in Both boys were trying to lay on their tummies at 1 point and kick, that didn't work out so well. They did have a great time splashing away so now we call it the splash pool!
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Recycle can = toy??

My boys never seem to amaze me when it comes to getting into things. These are from a couple of days ago when they were playing outside. They had tipped the recycle can over and needed to check things out inside. Well their version of checking things out is climbing inside and playing with the papers and stuff. Thankfully it was just emptied and there wasn't much inside but still! lol

Realizing I'm taking their picture so now they smile.

Showing off for the camera
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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

First swimming of the season

We went swimming for the first time today at Lifetime Fitness. The boys had a blast! They have a little water slide off to the slide that they couldn't get enough of. Hunter would sit on his bottom and Jacob would go down on his tummy...they'd come speeding down and come up smiling. :) By the time I took these pictures Jacob was passed out on me. They both fell asleep and Jacob took a 3 hour nap today!! Can we swim everyday???

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dirt & rocks must be a boy thing....

This morning the boys were playing outside. Hunter had a big bucket of dirt and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to poor it in his mouth. Most of it went back on the ground but he did get a mouthful of dirt/small rocks. His tongue was covered! I wish I had been awake enough to get my was hilarious. I asked if he wanted to use the hose to wash his tongue and he said no. The little stinker ended up eating the tongue full of rocks...ew!

Then after dinner they were playing in the big rocks and I see both of them putting rocks in their mouths and then spitting them out. This was led by Hunter of course! :) After a few minutes Jacob thought it would be funny for him to put rocks in Hunter's mouth...oye. Jacob would dump rocks in Hunter's mouth, he'd then spit them out, and they'd both crack up. Jacob would say "more more" and it would repeat.

Rocks and dirt are part of the food pyramid right?!


What a title! :) Poop is a constant topic in our house with Hunter having issues pooping. Today he said he had to go so I told him to go potty. He then immediately says no I don't have to go! argh!! After 5 min of yelling/pleading/whining/crying (some of that from him and some from me) I get Hunter to sit on the potty. He tells me that he doesn't have to go and wants to save it for tomorrow! lol It must be a boy thing to save poop until the next day. I calmly explained why we can't save poop and he eventually did go...whew!

Once again they don't tell you these things will go on when take your baby home from the hospital. :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hunter the photographer

Hunter has taken a sudden interest in my camera and loves to take pictures. Here's a sample of some that he's taken...these are the better ones. :) I will say he's getting better and making sure his finger isn't in the lens.

Mommy and Jacob making a silly face (which he doesn't have down yet)

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Racing in the kitchen

I never knew how much I would love our floor plan until the boys started running circles in the kitchen. It's a favorite game of theirs and usually Mommy and Daddy get roped into running too. :)

Here's a link so you can see the racing in action

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cute Brother Moment

While I was getting ready to take the kids on a walk and to the park today, the boys were playing in Hunter's room. It was really quite and I peeked in on them and saw they had a couple of books out and were "reading." I announced that we were ready to go and Hunter informed me that they weren't ready and wanted to read books first! I told him no problem that I would fold laundry and when they were done we could go. Well after I folded a load I went back in to check on them....books everywhere! Jacob and Hunter had managed to clear out his whole bookshelf on his bed (you can see the "mess" behind Jacob). I didn't say anything since they were looking at books the whole time and were playing so nicely together. Now we just need to clean up the books tomorrow. :)

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Daddy the Human Toy

Daddy came home from work yesterday and just wanted to relax on the playroom floor...not a good idea. Hunter thought it would be fun to put toys under his shirt and then sit on him! So glad that wasn't me. :)

Notice the pained look in Ryan's face

Showing off what is inside...there's a lid, a box, lots of play food, and who knows what else!

Now Jacob is trying to get in on the fun

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Dry Ice

We got an order of steaks from Omaha Steaks (yum!) and in the Styrofoam cooler you get some fun dried ice. Hunter likes to play with the "smoke" from it. It's a good science experiment because we talked about how he knows the difference of regular ice and dry ice.
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Let's go fly a kite!

It's been a windy couple of days here and a few nights ago a random kite flew into our yard. Hunter was really excited because of the dinosaur/dragon on it. So yesterday the boys and I went to the green belt and flew this new to us kite. While I was flying it I got "yelled" at by Hunter many He kept telling me to hold the string because that's what Daddy says. I tried to explain to Hunter that I could hold both handles and it would be ok but he didn't agree. Trying to reason with him was pointless so I just held on to the string like a good Mommy. :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Who needs a pool?

Really who needs a pool when you have a big plastic tub?? The boys love stripping down and hopping in there to play no matter how gross the water looks. Jacob was the only brave one the other day because it was windy and a tad chilly...but he had a great time.
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Friday, April 6, 2007

The mind of a 3 year old....

Hunter and Mommy's conversation this morning...

M: Hunter you get to pick what cup you want today...would you like blue or yellow?

H: Hmmmm....Jacob what color do you want?

J: some sort of babbling

H: Jacob you want yellow?

J: ya

H: I want yellow mommy.

M: Hunter you can't have yellow just because Jacob wants yellow. (then I go on to try to explain what he did wasn't very nice)

Hunter gets down from the table and walks off behind the couch and sits there for a good 5-10 min with his back to

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Who says you need girls to play Barbies?

I was cleaning our closet today (amazing I know!) and brought out my Barbie's to show the boys. Well they loved them!! We had to take everything out to look at it all. Jacob liked to put shoes on and off the Ken dolls and he liked to brush Barbie's hair. Hunter's first questions was "Does he have a penis?" So we had to take off poor Ken's pants and check it out. Ryan was completely appalled that I let the boys play with the Oh and even those these Barbies are 20 years old it is still next to impossible to get their clothes on!
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Monday, April 2, 2007

That's what brothers are for....right?!

These are from Friday night when Grandma and Grandpa were over...the boys thought this was hilarious.

But when it was Jacob's turn it wasn't so can't see his face but he's almost
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Another great park in Surprise

Ok it seems that my mission this summer (ok spring technically) is to find some new parks to go to with the boys. We went to a great one last week and another one today. This one had a splash park which is wonderful since it's getting so hot. We went to Marley Park and this park was nice and small and we were the ONLY ones there...gotta love that! The boys weren't to crazy about the water part when we first got there...they were more interested in the park and eating. While we were eating a snack a ladybug decided to join us for awhile. This little bug was a good sport...stuck around for a long time and the boys just loved it.
checking out the water features

Hunter's ladybug friend

They found Daddy's goggles in the swim bag and started running around the park with them
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Hunter's new "toy"

Well Hunter got a new "toy" this weekend for reducing the amount of no's (in a nasty way) that he's said to me. He has been on a Robin Hood kick and he kept asking Ryan for a bow and arrow and Daddy delivered. :) Ryan left it in the family room and when Hunter came to get a snack the next morning he immediately saw it next to the couch. We of course had to open it up right away and get lessons from Daddy.
Listening to Daddy on how to pull back the string.

And the release!
Now it's Daddy's turn
Posing after "shooting" the ball
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