Monday, April 2, 2007

Another great park in Surprise

Ok it seems that my mission this summer (ok spring technically) is to find some new parks to go to with the boys. We went to a great one last week and another one today. This one had a splash park which is wonderful since it's getting so hot. We went to Marley Park and this park was nice and small and we were the ONLY ones there...gotta love that! The boys weren't to crazy about the water part when we first got there...they were more interested in the park and eating. While we were eating a snack a ladybug decided to join us for awhile. This little bug was a good sport...stuck around for a long time and the boys just loved it.
checking out the water features

Hunter's ladybug friend

They found Daddy's goggles in the swim bag and started running around the park with them
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