Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dirt & rocks must be a boy thing....

This morning the boys were playing outside. Hunter had a big bucket of dirt and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to poor it in his mouth. Most of it went back on the ground but he did get a mouthful of dirt/small rocks. His tongue was covered! I wish I had been awake enough to get my camera...it was hilarious. I asked if he wanted to use the hose to wash his tongue and he said no. The little stinker ended up eating the tongue full of rocks...ew!

Then after dinner they were playing in the big rocks and I see both of them putting rocks in their mouths and then spitting them out. This was led by Hunter of course! :) After a few minutes Jacob thought it would be funny for him to put rocks in Hunter's mouth...oye. Jacob would dump rocks in Hunter's mouth, he'd then spit them out, and they'd both crack up. Jacob would say "more more" and it would repeat.

Rocks and dirt are part of the food pyramid right?!

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