Sunday, September 28, 2008

Donut Day!

The background: My grandma was moved into an apartment so my mom got the lucky job of clearing out her 3 bedroom house. I got to go over to see if there was anything I needed or wanted. I found this little deep fryer and figured it could be useful/fun. Ryan was pretty darn excited when I brought it home stating that we were going to fry EVERYTHING!

Our first adventure in frying was making donuts this morning.

Everyone had their own jobs:
Hunter--making the holes in the biscuits & sprinkle duty
Daddy--frying the donuts
Jacob--stirring the frosting and sprinkly duty
Mommy--making the frosting

Such good multi-tasking, watching TV and stirring!

getting ready to take a bite of his creation

*I have NO clue why Hunter (or whoever is closest) gets so washed out everytime.

Jacob doing his sprinkle thing. He only wanted to eat the sprinkles, not the donuts.

The final product. Yummy!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's a good day at our house today

Lego Batman came out today. Hunter and Jacob have been SO excited to play this game. They have been telling us that Hunter will be Batman and Jacob will Robin. They've played one level with only a small amount of exasperated "Jaaaaaaacob" from Hunter.

We've sold Indian Jones for this game so I have a feeling it will be all Batman at our house for awhile.

Monday, September 22, 2008

What happens when it's WAY too quiet

Yup that would be shredded paper!! I asked Hunter what it was all for and he informed me that they were for his friends because they were having a paper party. Duh!

I now have a nice little shredded paper trail from the shredder to the playroom. I set them to start vacuuming the little trail up and then I hear, "I can't vacuum all of that up!" I go to investigate and one of the containers was dumped out by Jacob. Lovely.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Family T-shirts

Ryan thought it would be fun to make tie-dyed family t-shirts a couple of weekends ago. I have no idea where he comes up with these ideas! So he bought all of the stuff a couple of weekends ago and that Saturday we went to work. I'm sure he had grand visions of the 4 of us doing this together, but Hunter told him that he should try it first to see if it works. Hunter's done too many crafts with me that haven't worked out as planned. He knows the drill.

Ryan and I did a shirt each for us to show the boys then they gave us their input on where to put the rubber bands and what colors they wanted. They were super excited when we showed them how their shirts turned out and couldn't wait to wear them. I was pleasantly surprised at how they turned out, the majority look pretty neat. Granted there are a couple that are hideous!

2 of our finished projects. One of these days we'll get a family picture with all of us in our shirts.
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What's your super power?

The other day Ryan and the boys were playing tackle-pillow fight and Hunter tooted.

Hunter (while he's cracking up): I tooted! Did you smell it?!

Ryan: Yes

Hunter: That's my super power, Daddy. When I toot you die.

Ryan then proceeds to do a dramatic version of him dying on the bed. Hunter kept trying to do his super power some more but he had nothing left.

I guess whatever can make you a super hero!
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