Sunday, September 28, 2008

Donut Day!

The background: My grandma was moved into an apartment so my mom got the lucky job of clearing out her 3 bedroom house. I got to go over to see if there was anything I needed or wanted. I found this little deep fryer and figured it could be useful/fun. Ryan was pretty darn excited when I brought it home stating that we were going to fry EVERYTHING!

Our first adventure in frying was making donuts this morning.

Everyone had their own jobs:
Hunter--making the holes in the biscuits & sprinkle duty
Daddy--frying the donuts
Jacob--stirring the frosting and sprinkly duty
Mommy--making the frosting

Such good multi-tasking, watching TV and stirring!

getting ready to take a bite of his creation

*I have NO clue why Hunter (or whoever is closest) gets so washed out everytime.

Jacob doing his sprinkle thing. He only wanted to eat the sprinkles, not the donuts.

The final product. Yummy!

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