Friday, November 23, 2007

That's what little brothers are made of....

It always amazes me what a bond Hunter and Jacob have. This morning Hunter got hurt in his mouth with a toy horn...he was in pain, crying, and screaming. I was trying to get a look into his mouth and asked if he wanted a Popsicle to make his mouth feel better. Well Jacob heard this and ran off into the kitchen, opened the freezer, and got a Popsicle out for his brother. Even tho Hunter was a little stinker and basically told Jacob he didn't want it, Jacob still help out the Popsicle for Hunter trying to make him feel better. Little brothers will always be there to help take care of their big brothers.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So thankful...

*ETA: Video from the play on the bottom*
Today was Hunter's preschool Thanksgiving play and it was the cutest thing ever! I just love his preschool...they are doing so many things and Hunter is learning so much. He loves his teachers and is making some new friends too. Hunter was a turkey in the play and every time the narrator (Ms. Lou Lou) said turkey, the 4 turkeys would yell out "gobble gobble gobble." Hunter was the loudest and I was amazed at how well he was paying attention. Ryan and I were so proud of him, sitting up there with his classmates like such a big kid. After the play the kids sang a couple of song and each one stood up and said (with help from their teachers) what they were thankful for. When it was Hunter's turn he said that he was thankful for his Mommy and Daddy. Afterwards the kids sat down at a big table and ate "friendship stew" together...ok so only a few kids ate, the rest went off to play. It was a great day to start our Thanksgiving break.

His turn to say what he is thankful for

Taking a bow

Our little turkey

Almost all of us...Jacob was too busy swinging to take a picture
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Happy 4th Birthday Hunter!!

Wow I cannot believe that my baby is 4!!!! Absolutely nuts. Hunter is awesome...he's pretty darn funny, a good big brother, and such a sweet boy. He had a good birthday week that started out with horseback riding with preschool, then a birthday party with his friends, and then celebrating at home with us on his real birthday.

We had cinnamon rolls with blue frosting for his birthday breakfast and we all sang to him.

After breakfast he opened his presents and let Jacob help him (see that's a good big brother if I ever saw one!). The present that Jacob picked out was a hit and Jacob was so proud that Hunter loved what he picked.

*Pictures from his party will be coming soon!*

Silly boys not wanting their picture taken.
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Thursday, November 15, 2007

What's life like with 2 little boys you ask?

Here's just a taste of what happens at our house regularly.

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A start to a great birthday week...

Hunter got to horseback riding on Tuesday with his preschool. They are studying the letter H this week. It was a great field trip...we got to all go! We drove up to New River where one of the kid's uncle has horses. He was wonderful with the kids and they got to ride the 2 horses (Sedona and Ladybug) as much as they wanted!

Both boys were a little scared at first with the horses, but warmed up quickly. The one Jacob is looking at is Stormy...a pony who is only 1.5 years old. He was so gentle and just wanted to be pet by everyone.
All of the kids were so good and quiet while Mr. Ben was telling them about horses. Jacob fit right in with the other kids...he's completely on the other side sitting down in the midst of preschoolers.
Silly boys waiting for their turn to ride Ladybug and Sedona.
I got to be one of the lucky moms to lead the kids around on the horses. I hadn't planned on stepping on that much horse poop!! Here's Jacob riding Ladybug.

Here's Hunter riding Ladybug. He got to ride Sedona later and got to trot with him. When Hunter got off he said his bottom was sore!
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