Thursday, March 29, 2007

All Boy!

Each day I realize how much testosterone I am surrounded by and I'm not too crazy about Twice today Hunter was being funny and pretending either he was peeing or his toy was peeing...lovely! Here are some pics to show that he was "peeing" while filling up his water tub.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Making English Muffin Pizzas

We did this last night too and the boys loved it so much that Hunter requested it for lunch today. It made their day to be able to completely make their own lunch. :) It's very serious work as you can tell from the pictures. Jacob liked making it but wouldn't eat it once we cooked it...have no idea what that was about! Hunter wasn't in the mood to smile for the camera at the time so no smiling pics of him.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Jacob is 20 months!

Wow it is crazy how time has flown! Jacob is almost 2 and continues to make us laugh everyday. I think he weighs around 25lbs. and I have no idea how tall he is (a project for tomorrow!). He has all but 4 teeth and those seem to be slow going...lots of drool. Here are some things that Jacob can do, say, etc. :)

Say: These are the ones that most people would understand
i i (think short i sound) for Indy
ter ter for Hunter
bar for car
nite nite

Now for things that I can understand...
There it is! (when he finds his bubba)
bad dog (indy gets in trouble a lot)

He loves to "go" potty like a big boy. If someone is going to the bathroom Jacob is right there pulling at his clothes and pointing to his diaper. He will sit there and push his penis down but nothing ever comes out. He loves to do the whole routine.

Jacob is a big fan of the trains, cars, balls, and playing with Hunter. They have a great time playing outside in the dirt or in the gator. He takes Hunter's bossing around pretty well. When he's outside he likes to swing and go down the slide. Jacob loves to draw with anything he can get his hands on...we've had a couple of close calls with Sharpies and markers! Books are another favorite and right now we read a lot of Goodnight Gorilla and Goodnight Moon. Shoes are another big hit with Jacob...he needs shoes on pretty much first thing in the morning and he'll change them throughout the day.

Here are some pics from this month...will try and get a good one of him smiling tomorrow to add.

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A Morning with Daddy

While I had a relaxing morning with Simone and Pam at the spa the boys got to have a morning of Daddy time! From the pictures it looks like they kept Daddy busy and had great fun.

I was looking for the camera today and asked Hunter if Daddy used it and he told me yes. I asked him what they took pictures of and he told me "We did silly faces!" Here is proof of that.

This one was during their "photo shoot" with Daddy.

Crazy boys playing with sticks...they were trying to figure out what they could do with them...swords, straws, taking them for a ride in the gator

The boys also got to make a cake. Yum!! It turned out really good but then tonight all Hunter ate was the frosting.
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Gardening Day

Ryan was home today so we took advantage of the beautiful day and got some yardwork done. The boys LOVE helping Daddy.

The boys posing with their rakes

Hunter showing me his rake

Go team Funk!

Hunter and Jacob having good "brother time" with some dried leaves....they were apparantly lollipops.
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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Luke Days

We went to Luke Days at Luke Air Force Base today and had a great time. Lots of aerial demonstrations and lots of loud jets. We stayed ALL day and the boys did great. Pam and Simone were there too and the boys loved playing with their friends. We got to see a reenactment of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a helicopter doing circles in the air, and the Thunderbirds. The boys were exhausted and were asleep by 7:10 tonight :)
Jacob in the helicopter that goes over the Grand Canyon.

Hunter in the News 5 helicopter. He was the "co-pilot"

Jacob was a trooper and slept for about an hour through a loud aerial demonstration!

All 6 of our kiddos--Andrew, Emily, Annika, Hunter, Jacob, and Owen.
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Friday, March 23, 2007

Way to go Hunter!!!

Hunter slept in his bed ALL night long last night! Wooohooo! He came in our room aroud 6:45 and said "It's morning time Mommy." Then proceeded to open our curtains to show me. :) He was up a little too early for my taste but it was so nice to have my side of the bed all to myself.

We made a big deal out of it and he got to put a sticker up on his calendar...only 2 more nights in row and he gets a fish. :)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Brothers and Mag-Neatos

Poor Jacob always gets bullied he has owies to show for it. The boys were running around chasing each other and Hunter just gets so excited and pushed Jacob. Jacob did a nice face plant on the ground. That's what brothers are for right?!

With the rainy, cold day and not being able to go outside we needed to bring out a new toy...out came the Mag-Neatos. It's a very interesting magnet toy that the boys played with the "wrong" way as soon as it came out of the box! lol Jacob instantly threw one of the magnet balls...hard plastic and throwing do not go well together. Hunter was making big long chains and then swinging them into things and people. Let's just say Mommy had many parts dropped on her legs and ankles!

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What? I can't hear you!

Let me just say not a car ride goes by without Hunter uttering those 2 questions half a dozen times. It can be completely silent in the car and after I tell him something I hear, "I can't hear you" Argh!! This age is giving me many gray hairs!

Yesterday in the car we were talking and I hear the "I can't hear you Mommy" so I told him "too need to make sure your listening ears are on." Hunter just kinda looked at me like I was crazy. Then a couple of minutes later I hear him repeat what I had said that he supposedly didn't hear....lovely! And to think I had actually thought about getting his ears checked! lol

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

All tuckered out

Annika and Owen came over to play today and the kids had a blast. Hunter actually fell asleep on the
couch watching Robin Hood this afternoon. Now of course it's 8:45 and he's still awake in his room but hopefully he'll sleep in tomorrow.
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Monday, March 19, 2007

And the finished product!

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Painting the truck

We were getting pretty bored this afternoon, so Hunter asked if we could paint his truck "for real."

Jacob showing off his artwork.

Hunter posing and showing his hand and foot...even tho we were painting the truck, he had to get in a few swipes of paint on himself.

Jacob trying to paint his hand.

Hunter busy working
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What happens when Jacob is out of sight for less than 5 min...

He had Ryan's glasses, the Ipod wristband, $5, and a screw.

He couldn't keep the glasses on his head while he bent down to pick up the money and the screw.

So I put the glasses on after he picked up his stuff....Tada!

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Haircut time!

The boys got haircuts last week and the look super cute. Hunter did great as usual...he loves to sit in the airplane or car and watch a movie. This time he got to watch a "Land Before Time" movie and he was glued....he even asked if we could stay so he could finish it. Jacob on the other hand screamed bloody murder throughout most of it. He sat on my lap and wouldn't wear a cape so we both had hair all over us. Hunter informed me on the way home he didn't like his hair spiked in front. He said that it was "too hard" and he liked how it felt on the top of his head :)

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