Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Cute Brother Moment

While I was getting ready to take the kids on a walk and to the park today, the boys were playing in Hunter's room. It was really quite and I peeked in on them and saw they had a couple of books out and were "reading." I announced that we were ready to go and Hunter informed me that they weren't ready and wanted to read books first! I told him no problem that I would fold laundry and when they were done we could go. Well after I folded a load I went back in to check on them....books everywhere! Jacob and Hunter had managed to clear out his whole bookshelf on his bed (you can see the "mess" behind Jacob). I didn't say anything since they were looking at books the whole time and were playing so nicely together. Now we just need to clean up the books tomorrow. :)

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Linda said...

They look so cute reading their books together. Glad they had a fun brother moment that was quiet and peaceful for mommy.