Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hunter has a really small mouth and is going to need some serious dental work in the future (my wallet is already cringing!). We started the process last week by having half of his lower teeth removed. I was concerned about how his 1 and only grown up tooth was growing in crooked and behind one of his baby teeth. I took him in to see the awesome Dr. Kelly and she said that he will need to have 5 (FIVE!) teeth removed to make room for his grown up teeth.

He went in 2 days later and had from canine to canine removed. He did so amazingly awesome during the procedure. You can see from the picture his souvenirs.

The 2 on the left are his canines that usually don't fall out until you're 9. Do you see how long those roots are?! Holy smokes!! The next 2 are his incisors. And that little bitty tooth was his loose tooth that he could have pulled out by himself but the punk chickened out. Taking that tooth out cost us $15!

Here he is about a week later (he told me that he didn't like his smile is this picture). You can thank me for waiting to take this picture to let his gums heal a little. Let me tell you it wasn't a pretty sight last week. He can eat pretty much anything as long as he can break it into bite size pieces. Hunter has said that he misses his old teeth. I think that he just missing being able to bite into things.

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Susan said...

OMG!!! you were right his cuspids really did have long roots. poor guy