Monday, September 20, 2010

Spelling Lesson

The back story: We have a gate up at our bedroom door so our new puppy, Buddha, doesn't go in and terrorize the cats or eat their poop (I know!). So now the boys have to be lifted over every time they want to come in to play video games.

The setting: I'm in the shower and the boys are watching TV/playing out in the family room.

Jacob: MOM! How sodifdskhkjreui?

Me: WHAT? I can't hear you!

Jacob: MOM! How lskjfaslkjghio (and then something that sounded like clothes)?

Me: Jacob! I CANNOT hear you! Can this wait until I'm out of the shower??

*This goes on back and forth a few more times with me even suggesting he jump the gate to come talk to me. I figure it's got to be important so I turn the water off to be able to hear him.

Me (freezing in the shower): Ok Jacob what do you need?

Jacob: How do you spell the word close?

Me (OMG are you serious?!): *sigh* Umm, like the clothes you wear or when you close a door?

Jacob: When you like slam a door.

Me: Ok, "c"

Jacob: Oh I had a k!

Me: "l"

Jacob: Upper or lower case?

Me: All lower case dude.

Jacob: So like a straight line down or a line down and across?

Me (still freezing in the shower): straight line down.

*continue this conversation for the rest of the spelling of the word. I'm so glad that this couldn't have waited until I was out of the shower. And I never saw what he wrote down so I have NO clue why he needed to know how to spell that word.
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