Monday, September 20, 2010

A lost tooth!

Hunter lost his first tooth yesterday!! It has been ridiculously wiggly for a few weeks now but he said it hurt when he tried to pull it out. Yesterday while I was in the shower (yup, same shower when Jacob was bugging me) it "fell" out.

Jacob said that he was stuffing a ball in Hunter's mouth (don't ask, I don't!) and his tooth popped out. Hunter was cracking up and he said that his tooth fell on the couch but he picked it up.

He was so excited for the tooth fairy to come last night but sadly she was a no-show. This morning he asked it if was because he was bad, and after a split second thought I told him that I didn't know but he better be on his best behavior today. I have a feeling the tooth fairy was really busy last night and just couldn't make it out to the west valley. I totally get it, we live far. Hopefully tonight she's on our side of town.
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