Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet Buddha

About 5 weeks ago, we adopted a puppy (!). I think we must have been slipped some sort of drug in our coffee that morning, because seriously what were we thinking?! She looked so calm amongst all of the other dogs going ape shit outside of Petsmart that day. Buddha is about 15 weeks old now. She is supposed to be a lab/retriever mix and I'm sure is going to be a big dog.

Ok so she is really cute and that is pretty much the only reason she is still has a home right now. She overall is a good puppy. She's is smart and can now sit, lay down, and sometimes stay. She also is a biter and I have so far lost a pair of flip flops and have holes in a pair of shorts thanks to her razor sharp teeth.

She loves to play and *cross our fingers* is housebroken except for the occasional accident when we're not paying attention. Jacob is terrified of her and sadly I don't' think that is going to change. Whenever she charges at him he freaks out and nothing you can say will get him to get over his fear.

Hunter loves her and is good with her, even when she bites him. Buddha has this knack for turning her head at just the right moment and chomping down on your ankle, calf, shoulder, whatever is in her reach.

Let's hope she moves out of her biting phase quickly or she might not look so cute to me anymore!

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