Thursday, August 7, 2008

Professional Bull Riding

We got to go to the Professional Bull Riding Show (if that's what the call it) at arena. The boys had been before but this was my first time going. Oh my gosh it was so fun! We got there pretty early because Ryan someone thought the show started at 7 but it really started at 7:50! The boys liked watching the bulls being shuttled back and forth between stalls. The did keep asking when it was going to start. Thankfully we had some Dippin Dots to pass the time.

Ryan had warned my how Jacob doesn't like fireworks. That was the understatement of the year! That child is terrified of them. As soon as the arena went dark, Jacob went into panic mode: tears, crying, pleading with me to leave. So Jacob and I spent the majority of the introduction and pre-game show in the hallway watching on TV. But once the lights went on all was well in Jacob's world.

We stayed for quite awhile watching those cowboys get tossed off the bulls one after another. According to Ryan it wasn't a very good show and the scoring (which I didn't get at all) was pretty lousy. We saw a few who made it the required 8 seconds to get a score. No real good toss offs--no one got trampled or thrown into the wall. Isn't that what you go to see? Just like at hockey games, you go to see the fights, right?!
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