Friday, August 22, 2008

A day at the track

The boys and I are up in Pinetop again with my mom and Hank. Today we went to a little family fun park in between Pinetop and Show Low. They had video games, go carts, and goofy golf. The boys were SO excited to do the go carts. We did the family ones first where the boys rode with us. Hunter loved it and had a big smile on his face as soon as we started driving. Our car was much faster that Mom and Jacob's so we passed them the first lap. We would have won but I let them catch up to us.

The boys then got to do the kiddie track where they got to drive their own go carts! They did pretty good and Jacob only crashed into the side a handful of times. Hunter has had practice driving his tractor and gator around our yard. For some reason Jacob never drove very much and his driving skills aren't that great. Both took the driving very seriously which you can tell in some of the pictures.

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