Thursday, August 7, 2008

And the celebration continues....

If you don't know, birthdays at our house last for a good week. So on the Wednesday after Jacob's birthday was his Chuck E. Cheese birthday party. He had a great time with all of his friends. I asked him the other day what was his favorite part and he told me playing all the games.

When it was time for the Chuck E. Cheese show, Jacob wanted nothing to do with it. He was so funny, because he had talked about this day for a good week. But by the time Chuck E. came to see us, Jacob wanted to crawl under the table. He did somewhat sit for his birthday medal but after that he was off playing games again.

I think by the end he was definitely birthdayed-out because he was just flinging off wrapping paper and not really looking at what he got. A couple of days later tho all his presents were opened and played with.

After 3 hours at the "place where a kid can be a kid" we all were completely exhausted. Both boys crashed on the way home and the mama got a short nap when we got home.

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