Saturday, August 29, 2009

A rite of passage: riding with NO training wheels!

Well it's finally time for Hunter to ditch the training wheels. I've appointed Ryan to this task because 1. I apparently don't have the strength (yet!) to do this for more than a minute and 2. My patience has vanished, have NO clue where it went but it's gone.

For their first lesson Hunter did really well. He's totally ready just needs to work on his confidence level and remembering to pedal, a very minor but important task.

I love this picture, Hunter totally has an "oh sh*t" look on his face. He never fell, just had a few lose your balance moments that he caught with his foot.

He was able to ride a good distance on the grass by himself until he realized what he was doing. I think a couple of more lessons and he'll be good to go! We did bribe entice him with a new bike with a handbrake! if he learned to ride a 2-wheeler.
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