Thursday, August 6, 2009

A budding photographer

Hunter loves to use his camera (when it has batteries!) and mine to take pictures of anything and everything he can find. He borrowed mine today to take pictures of the Lincoln Log stuff he built, but then he moved on to more interesting subjects: Indy and Jacob.

Here's a little snippet of what I heard as they were going down the hall--
H: Jacob make a funny face!

J: (doing something I'm sure that I'd be proud of)

H: Jacob show everyone your butt!

Me: Clothes stay on!!!

And then I hear their bedroom door shut....oh dear! Thankfully they came out a few minutes later and showed me what pictures they took.

I was fearing little naked butts but I was pleasantly surprised. They had one of Hunter petting our cat and Jacob with his shirt up showing his boobies chest. Let's hope they can keep up the clean pictures. Thank the Lord they don't' know how to delete images!!
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