Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Never leave Them alone

You would think that after 5.5 years of parenting I would know this information by now. It's part of the first chapter in the book of parenting, but those little monkeys must have sucked that information out of my brain. Today I made a rookie mistake that thankfully just created a big, fun, muddy mess outside.

I apologize to the environment about the amount of water we are wasting! I will bathe my children in this to help recoup the water loss.

On to the mistake...while I was on facebook reading blogs cleaning, I realized it was a little too quiet outside. Yes there was the occasional, "Huuuuuuuuunter don't do that!" and "JACOB!" but I tune all of that out now. So I decided to take a peak outside and came across what will now be known as, "The Funk Lagoon."

Yup, water and mud. A boy's dream. The water on the left is what used to be "the hole." That sucker is deep and I'm scared to find out what is at the bottom!

The water on the right is just how our lovely backyard slopes and where the water pools when it rains. The boys have blocked the drainage out to the street to keep the water in. They find it absurd that I would want the water to drain.

As I type this I hear BIG splashed of water going on. Think when a grown up cannon balls into the pool. Yup those kind of splashes.
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