Monday, November 30, 2009

November fun

November came and went very quickly with Hunter's birthday, everyone being sick, and Thanksgiving. Here are some highlights from the month...

Jacob had his Thanksgiving play at preschool. He was an Indian Man this year and his line, "big and brave!" was easily memorized. He did want to be a Pilgrim Man so bad only because they got to have guns.

Our ancient DVD player finally kicked the bucket and Ryan thought it would be fun to take it apart and do manly things. Thankfully I was at work while all of this excitement took place. The boys did love the electronic stuff and had tons of questions for Ryan.

Hunter had his first field trip in Kindergarten and got to ride on a school bus for the first time. I think he was more excited about that then the actual trip to the zoo. His teacher had so many parents that it was just Hunter and I traipsing around the zoo. We had a great time just the two of us, which doesn't happen very often.

New puppies! No not ours, but my dad got 2 of my brother's new puppies. They are so stinking cute and fun. Gabi is on the left and Nico is on the right. Hunter loved playing with them and Jacob was scared outta his mind. Ignore the fact that we have a dog twice these puppies' size who is a freak and he's fine with her, but he was scared of these cute little guys.
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