Friday, March 6, 2009

Play ball!

Reason #25 to live in Arizona: Spring Training!!

We went to the new baseball fields in Glendale this morning with Simone and Owen and had a blast. The boys loved being able to run around on the grass and play football. Hey, they don't care too much about baseball yet.

When we got there we passed the White Sox practicing and a player threw 2 balls over the fence for the boys. The White Sox aren't accessible to the public at all which is a bummer, but the boys did like watching them go through the tunnel under the sidewalk.

We moseyed, well the boys ran, on over to watch the Dodgers practice. The three of them weren't too thrilled about sitting and watching players hit the ball, no matter how hard they did it.
The Dodgers slowly started coming off the fields to get ready for the day's game and were signing balls. I got Hunter and Jacob to go over to get their balls signed and they did GREAT. Hunter had the knack for getting the players to come over to him.

He'd stand nice and tall with his ball up high and yell, "Will you please sign my ball?!" in a cute little boy voice and they couldn't say no. Some of the ones we got were Jason Schmidt, Casey Blake, Chad Billingsley, Stephen Randolph, and a couple more who didn't put their number next to their name. It was pretty pathetic since we really didn't know anyone so unless I saw the back of their jerseys I had no clue who just signed the ball!

We almost got Manny Ramirez's autograph but we were at the end and he had already signed a bunch before us. Definitely next week! This is our new Friday activity for the month of March.

*check out the Mariachi band in the background. Only in Phoenix!
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