Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The fish have arrived!

Hunter did it! He slept in his bed all night for 3 nights in a row!! Yay! We've been telling him that once he did that he could get a fish. He kept telling me that he wants a goldfish..."Like the snacks that we eat." Ryan and I tried to talk him out of a goldfish since they are so dirty but Hunter insisted. He picked out 2 great fish and since we can't do anything small or normal, he also got 2 sharks and 2 tiger barbs. Hunter LOVES his new fish. He's constantly asking if his fish like him. :) So far he's been really good about making sure they are fed. We've decided that he can earn new things for his tank periodically (more fish, plants, decorations). Hopefully we can keep up the sleeping all night in his own bed!

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Mignon said...

way to go hunter, now teach your friend Mackenzie to sleep in her bed all night.