Monday, May 7, 2007

First day at Teacher Lynda's!

Today was the boys' first day of swim lessons at Teacher Lynda's swim school. I was very interested to see how they reacted during their lessons. Hunter ended badly last year (crying every time) so I didn't know how he'd act and I knew Jacob would cry. They get to swim with their friends for this month so I think that helped a lot. Hunter and Annika are in the same class Jacob and Owen are on the same side of the pool, but with different teachers. When I dropped them off Hunter was ready to go. I introduced him to his teacher and he went right in the water with no problem! I took Jacob to the other side of the pool and introduced him to his teacher. As soon as he realized what was going on he started crying and had the death grip on me. It didn't help that another little boy was screaming too. But I pried Jacob off and his teacher took him and held him while she walked around the pool with 2 screaming kids. :)

Hunter did excellent for his first lesson. He had a smile the whole time and loved it. During bathtime tonight I was asking him what his teacher was telling him during his lesson today....he said that he is supposed to hide his feet when he's floating on his back and he even demonstrated in the tub! He had his feet out of the water and then he put them under and said they were hiding. I asked him about his arms and he said "big arm, little arm" while doing the motions. :)

Jacob cried for less than 5 min and after that he was good. He did keep looking across the pool at his brother which was cute. Jacob and Owen would chit chat and play when it wasn't their turns.

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