Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A free toy

We've discovered a new toy and it's free...ICE!! Yup plain old frozen water has kept my kids busy for a good 30 min and they're still going strong. We've had a bag of ice in our freezer for months taking up space. I figured since it's in the 70s today might as well let the boys have some fun. It's the perfect temp outside because the ice is slowly melting.

Here are some things the boys have learned to do with the ice:
*throw/chuck it on the ground to make it break
*try to stomp on it...didn't really work due to the pieces being huge
*writing on the sidewalk with them
*calling Indy to come lick it out of their hands
And the best one of them all...
*putting the ice down their pants!

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Helen, Robert, Jack, and Emma said...

We do a lot of ice play, too. Easy clean up. (Unless you slip on the water first, of course. Then an ER trip might be required.)