Friday, October 10, 2008

Let's go do baseball!

Last weekend the weather was beautiful so we decided to get our lazy butts outside with the boys. We took them up to the high school so we could play our own version of baseball. Which basically means, Ryan and I take turns throwing pitches to each other, the boys and dog run around like maniacs, and the boys "play" baseball for all of 3 min.

Doesn't he look all sporty with the crocs? Let me tell you how GROSS Hunter's feet were after this outing...a nasty, sweaty mess!

What you don't have a psycho dog who tears around a baseball field like she's never been outside? Seriously, Indy went nuts. Poor dog doesn't get out much unless she escapes our yard. That dog loves to run.

They were practicing writing their names with the bats. Gotta keep those little minds going all the time!
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