Friday, July 25, 2008

It's official!

This crazy boy is now a certified big kid! We are on night #3 of NO bubbas!!!! Can you believe it?! I know either can I....absolutely nuts. Tuesday night we couldn't find his bubbas and I guess Jacob went to bed with no problems whatsoever. I found it when I got home from work but just hid it since he was sound asleep. Ever since he's be bubba free. He'll ask me for a bubba every now and then but it's usually when he's super tired, I just distract and he's good to go.

Also I think we are finally nighttime potty trained! Jacob's worn underwear to bed the past 3 nights also with no accidents. He's been day trained for a good 7 months but the night has been harder...we might finally be done with having to buy pull-ups. YAY!!!

What a great week for Jacob leading up to his 3rd birthday tomorrow. Be ready for all of the birthday posts....because remember it's birthday week in the Funk household!
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