Friday, April 4, 2008

Yes my friends, he is a genius!

We had Hunter's first ever parent-teacher conference this past Tuesday, man did that make me feel old! We are SO proud of Hunter...he is doing so well at preschool. His teachers are very impressed at how much he knows being one of the younger ones there.

Here's just a smidgen of what Hunter knows:
*abc's and all the sounds of the letters (even the ones with multiple sounds...I know, aren't you impressed too?!)
*can count to 18, by 10's to 50, backwards from 1o
*can cut on a straight line
*can write his first and last name
*knows his colors and shapes, can draw a circle, oval, triangle, and rectangle

He is a very social little man and does tend to talk to his friends when he's supposed to be working (he must get that from Ryan).

We are so happy with the preschool that he's going to...Ms. Lou Lou and Ms. Addie adore him and he loves going. Next year will be even better as he'll start learning to read and once that happens, watch out!
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