Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Lions, Turtles, and Bears Oh My!!

We went to the Wildlife World Zoo yesterday and had the best time! I love that's on the smaller side and less crowded than the Phoenix Zoo so the kids can run around like crazy people and I don't have to worry as much. The boys got to feed the ducks, goats, deer, birds, and giraffes. Hunter did everything and loved the petting zoo. Jacob only fed the ducks because they were far enough away but he was terrified of everything else. In the petting zoo and while we fed the birds I had to hold him while he clung to me...definitely not a fan of random animals around him.

We went to see the lions and the male lion was laying down by this stick (you can kinda see it in the 2nd picture) and as soon as he saw us, he charged the fence growling! It was the scariest and neatest thing I've ever seen. The kids were terrified at first. Hunter backed up 2 feet with his hands over his mouth just in shock. The fence is only 3 or 4 feet from where you stand so the lion is pretty close. He kept charging us though and once the kids realized he couldn't get us they loved it. At one point the lion faked us out by pretending to sleep but once again he charged at us.

The zoo is a very educational place. Take the turtles (or tortoises?) here...they are introducing us to sex ed! Oh was this turtle a horny little sucker. The kids thought he was trying to push the other turtle into the big holes behind them....we just went with that for them. Never mind all of the grunting he was doing! Make sure you scroll down to the video at the bottom.
We also go to feed the Lories apple pieces. You go into this big cage and the birds just fly onto your hands, arms, head, whatever! Hunter was so brave and let the birds fly on him and eat apples out of his hand. 1 bird was his limit though, after that I had to shoo the extra birds that landed on him away. No pictures of Jacob because he is super glued to my hip the whole time.
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