Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Day of Preschool!

Yesterday (Tuesday, August 14) was Hunter's first day of preschool and I think he had a great time. He's going to a home preschool called Foundation Early Learning. The 2 teachers are sisters and both have their degrees in education. Hunter was excited that morning as we packed his backpack (preschool folder and apples for his snack) and got his water bottle ready. When we pulled up, his teacher, Miss Lou Lou, was there waiting for him. He got out and went with her no problems at all.

Jacob loved hanging out with Mama all morning and getting all of the attention. We played tools and hide n seek, finger painted, and tried to watch Devil Wears Prada (he wasn't too interested in that).

When we picked Hunter up, he came running out with a smile on his face. They must have just gotten done playing outside because his face was red and sweaty. He told me that he played outside and got to see the turtles. He also said that he had gummy bears for a snack! You want to win Hunter over...bring on the candy. We asked him if he met any friends and his response, "There was a boy named Brayden." Great :) Hopefully tomorrow we'll get more information out of him!

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Mignon said...

Love the boots! Glad that he enjoyed his first day. I can't believe they gave them gummy bears for snack.

Robert, Helen, Jack, and Emma said...

How cute! They're growing up so fast. Go, Hunter!