Friday, July 20, 2007

What happens when you let brothers sleep together for the first time...

*puppet shows
*playing with animals
*"mopping" the carpet
*banana snack
*getting more bubbas for Jacob
*being sent back to bed a dozen times before Mommy puts the gate up
*potty break after the gate is up
*lots of laughing and brother bonding

The timeline:
7:30--5 min to play
7:35--in bed, can still talk but need to stay in bed (I had high hopes for them) :)
7:35-8:30--coming out for whatever reason (pick from the above list)
8:30--Mommy's had enough and goes to tuck them in and lay down with them
8:35--Mommy leaves, crossing everything she can, and hopes the boys stay quiet
8:50--1 boy asleep and 1 to go!
9:15--2 boys dreaming away

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