Monday, June 4, 2007

Our little fish

In the past couple of weeks Hunter and Jacob have taken off with swimming. They love it and want to swim by themselves all the time. Hunter is doing SO good...he has learned how to get his head up for air and can swim a couple of strokes. He can usually get to where he wants to go as long as it isn't too far. Jacob wants to be just like Hunter. He just takes off from the steps whether you are ready or not...kinda scary! Here are some pictures from today when we went swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's Funk.

The boys walking along the wall (no jokes about the goggles on me!). Hunter was complaining how he wasn't in front so I told him to swim around us. As soon as Jacob saw Hunter let go of the wall he did too! That kid just sinks to the bottom. I would pick Jacob back up and he'd grab on then let go again...yikes!

Mommy and Hunter "racing" to the steps.
Jacob's first time wearing goggles...he would sit down on the steps so he could see everything under water.
Here goes Jacob ready to swim!
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